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Light Stabilizers (HALS)

Description of the Light stabilizers (HALS)

Omnistab Light Stabilizers, also called Hindered Amine Light
Stabilizers (HALS) protect polymers from degradation due to
UV exposure. They also act as primary antioxidants  with  low
color generation and  provide  their  protection  thorughout the
life  of  the  end  product.  Light   stabilizers  can  continuously
self-renew and activate, and can  continuously  capture  newly
generated free radicals,  thereby  achieving  the  purpose  of
protecting materials.

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    Looking for a specific Light stabilizers (HALS)?

    Omnistab Light Stabilizer blends protect polymers from degradation due to UV exposure. Our blends are a mixture of two or more individual light stabilizers.

    Monomeric light stabilizers (Low MW HALS) provide effective surface protection. The molecular weight is relatively low and therefore suitable for thick products.

    Polymeric light stabilizers (High MW) protect the core of the material. The molecular weight is relatively high and therefor suitable for thin products.