Privacy Policy


ICG Specialty Chemicals is an international group for the manufacturing, sourcing, distributing, marketing, and trading of chemical raw components and additives to all major industries around the globe. The ICG Specialty Chemicals wants you to be aware of what we do with your personal information so that you are assured that your information is safe with us.

At ICG Specialty Chemicals we process the data of our clients as well as prospects and other contacts. We collect this information so that we can deliver the services we offer and also meet our business goals. Our privacy statements explain the reasons we collect personal information and how we go about doing this.

This privacy policy applies to all processing activities, including the data we use when we cooperate with third-party partners. For example, we cooperate with companies that have a role in selling and providing our products and services.

Feel free to reach us at any time to know about your provided data.

What personal information do we use?

We offer collection, production distribution, trading, as well as marketing for chemicals, raw materials as well as additives. To do this, we store the personal information of our clients in a database that you or your company have supplied. The personal data we handle comprises the following:

First name and last name, address of residence, phone number gender, e-mail address Payment details and areas of interest activities, contact history, IP address Social ID, the Cookie ID as well as browsing habits.

Cookies are on our site

We use cookies on our website. This is to enhance the quality of our services and to enhance our websites to offer you the most enjoyable browsing experience and to assist us in running our effective marketing campaigns. We’ll explain the purpose of cookies and how we use them in our cookie declaration.

Why do we use this information?

We process your data for the following reasons:


Statutory requirements Part of the processing of our data is mandated by the law. This includes personal information that we and our customers need to meet tax obligations.

Our services

We keep track of the businesses we conduct business with and also of the contacts we have with these organizations to ensure we can offer the most effective possible service. We keep your contact information to be able to contact you, provide you with pertinent information regarding the areas you are interested in, and also process your personal information to conduct market research and participate in various campaigns.

Newsletters and mailers

Sign up for the newsletter or other details. We usually personalize our newsletters and mailers, but not always. If you do not wish to be notified of our newsletter or any other emails with us, every one of our email messages includes an unsubscribe link.

ICG Specialty Chemicals is a commercial company, which means we are constantly seeking new customers. To stay in touch with anyone who is interested in our business, we collect and manage their contact information and other interests.

We also use personal data for marketing purposes. For instance, we collect your IP address, cookies ID, your social ID, or your browsing habits so that we can display the most relevant advertisements in the appropriate areas.

To promote our activities We may also make use of targeted groups that we have created using social media channels, for example, targeting those on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you don’t wish to receive targeted ads, you can opt out via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Personal data that is special
We do not gather or process any particular personal information. We will not do so for as long as there is no reason to believe that there is no legal requirement to collect or process this data. If we are required to do so then we will amend the privacy statement in line with this.

How can we be sure that your personal information is safe for us?

Our app, website as well as our IT system are secured and have security measures put in place to protect against the misuse of your data. Additionally, our employees are provided with clearly defined instructions on how to manage their personal data.

How do we store your information?

We will retain your data for the time we require it, or for as long as we are required to keep it by the law. We will then erase your information or make it anonymous. If we anonymize your data then we will remove any information that could have been used in identifying you. Your data will then no longer be associated with the person you are. The data that is anonymous helps us gain more insight into our products, risks, and services.

Privacy legislation and privacy regulations

We adhere to the applicable regulations for processing personal information which include:

  • The Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (Implementation) Act
  • The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act
  • The Dutch Telecommunications Act

You have rights

Your rights are protected by the law. You may:

  • Contact us for your information.
  • Request us to amend your details if they’re not correct.
  • Request us to erase your personal data.
    • Sometimes, we can’t completely delete your personal data. In this case, we need the data in order to comply with an agreement or to meet the requirements of the legislation. If this is the case we’ll contact you.
  • You may object to certain uses of your information.
    • In other words, you can tell us that you don’t want to receive emails with exclusive promotions from us, you can opt-out of receiving e-mails with special offers from us. Every e-mail we send you has the option to unsubscribe. You can also call us. If you do not be sure to state in detail why you disagree so that we are able to evaluate the issue.
  • Revoke your consent.
    • If you’ve given your consent to us to process your personal data you can withdraw that consent at any time later on. We will cease using your personal data from then from that point onwards.
  • Transfer your data.
    • If you’ve provided us with your personal information with consent or in accordance with agreements, you can ask us to transfer your data to a different party or to you.
  • Temporarily restrict our use of your information.
    • For example, if have contacted us to request the deletion of your personal data.

How do you exercise your rights?
If you want to exercise your rights in the above paragraphs Please send us our request at the address below. Include a copy of your ID or passport in which you’ve created an effort to make your Citizen Service Number (BSN) and photograph inaccessible. You will be provided with an overview of all the data we have on you within four weeks. We would appreciate it if you let us know if the information you provide is incorrect and we’ll be glad to correct your details for you. The address of our office is

ICG Specialty Chemicals
LOB # 5 6th Roundabout
Mina Jebel Ali, Jebel Ali Free zone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You can also send an e-mail to

How can you opt out of receiving information about our services and products?

You are able to opt out of receiving our e-mails for advertising. Every commercial email that we send you contains Unsubscribe links. This is a way to notify us that you do not wish to receive this information.

We might also reach out to you via phone for commercial reasons. If you inform us during the conversation that is not interested in this type of contact, we’ll ensure that you’re not contacted once more for this reason.

We could change our privacy statement at any time.

If our business practices change, or if there is a change regarding the law or jurisprudence, we could amend the privacy statements we use. It is suggested that you review the privacy statement today and then check if we’ve changed anything. Our privacy policy was revised on Feb 1st, 2023.