Optical Brighteners

Description of the Optical brighteners

The Optical Brighteners are the additives that are employed to hide the natural yellowness. They are also can be used to enhance colors and make your products appear whiter and more vibrant. Optical brighteners are also referred to as fluorescent bleaching agents. In the presence of UV light, these substances absorb light within the UV spectrum, and then emit it into visible blue spectrum. They absorb sunlight in the region that is between 340 and 370nm. The most common applications for optical brighteners are paints inks and other lacquers, films and sheets and Adhesives, Synthetic leather fibers, as well as other thermoplastics.

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Antioxidants protect polymers from chemical decomposition (degradation) after exposure to environmental influences like ultraviolet light, heat and water, as well as shear stress. They also are known as heat stabilizers. The absence of antioxidants can cause modifications to the composition of chemicals, as well as processing issues when manufacturing, changes to the appearance and , ultimately, shorter life span that the polymer has. Antioxidants block the chemical oxidation process different ways, depending on their nature. Antioxidants are soluble in oils however they are not soluble in water.

Clarifying agents
Light Stabilizers (HALS)

Omnistab Light Stabilizers, also called Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS), protect polymers from degradation due to UV exposure. They also act as primary antioxidants with low color generation and protect the life of the end product. Light stabilizers can continuously self- renew and activate and can continuously capture newly generated free radicals, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting materials.

Flame retardants

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